Hi, my name is Janna, and I don’t do pies.

I love cupcakes. Almost as much as I love Italian meringue buttercream. It’s all about the frosting.

I’m an aspiring baker in Columbus, Ohio. Cupcakes are my favorite, but I also do things like cakes, cheesecakes, cake pops, tarts, dessert bars, etc. And I may include some drink recipes and maybe even dog treats as well.

But no pies. My pies taste great, but they are always ugly. I don’t know what happens between the time I put that perfectly formed crust in the oven, and when I take out a lopsided, mangled mess, but I’m not going to fight it.

I like to cook as well as bake, but that’s not what this site is about.

I have a fabulous husband and three silly dogs. I’m also a total geek who plays video games and watches science fiction. I have a dog named Tiberius, if that tells you anything.

Got questions? Need some cupcakes? Just let me know.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Is that really over a pound of butter in your frosting?

Does your husband help?
Absolutely! He’s been known to sift several pounds of confectioners sugar in one sitting. We won’t talk about the time he dropped my car keys in a bowl of melted chocolate.

Do the dogs help?
No. The dogs are banned from the kitchen while baking happens. Especially since the loss of more than one batch of frosting and half a birthday cake to the Great Dane. It’s a problem when a puppy with no impulse control is suddenly able to reach high places.

What kind of bakeware do you use?
The brand varies, but I definitely prefer aluminum to nonstick or dark baking pans.

Do you sell your baked goods?
The answer depends on weather or not you work for the health department.

In Columbus, you can’t legally run a home bakery if you have pets. Some friends and acquaintances who aren’t averse to the occasional dog hair have made some friendly donations for cakes. If someone wants to order some legal sweets, there are some commercial kitchens I can rent for that purpose.

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